Diagnostic Station

We invite you to use the services of our Vehicle Inspection Station. We offer you a modern diagnostic line from UNIMETAL. We carry out all possible types of technical and diagnostic tests of vehicles up to and over 3.5t.

  • periodic vehicle tests (OBT),
  • technical inspection of a vehicle imported from abroad before its first registration in the country (DIP),
  • technical inspection of a vehicle adapted to transport hazardous materials (ADR),
  • technical examination of a bus that can travel on roads at a speed of 100 km/h,
  • technical inspection of vehicles with gas installation,
  • additional technical inspection for compliance with Art. 81 section 11 points 7 – so-called VAT
  • technical inspection of historic vehicles,
  • post-accident technical inspections,
  • additional inspections of passenger taxis, emergency vehicles, etc.
  • additional technical inspection after HAK installation,
  • other tests that can be performed in accordance with the rules of the regulation.

We perform the above-mentioned tests for all types of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, trailers/semi trailers, buses, agricultural tractors, motorcycles, mopeds, etc.).

In addition, we offer follow-up tests to assess:

  • shock absorber efficiency,
  • testing the degree of light transmittance of glass (% darkening),
  • degree of smoke and exhaust gas analysis,
  • play in the steering system and vehicle suspension,
  • efficiency and setting of the vehicle’s external lights,
  • braking system efficiency,
  • other services in the field of technical efficiency of vehicles.

Any defects detected during the examination can be removed in our service.