Services for HGV’s

Truck service

Comprehensive repairs of all brands.

The services offered by our company include, above all, mechanics of delivery vehicles and trucks of all brands. The range of our services is very wide, we specialize not only in minor service repairs, but also carry out general repairs. Our professionalism also proves itself in comprehensive post-accident repairs. Our service center is equipped with the necessary equipment to perform this type of operation. Our experienced staff will effectively remove any fault. By entrusting your vehicle to our mechanics, you have a guarantee that only parts from recommended manufacturers will be used and the car will regain full functionality.


The Agromex service also provides professional tire repair services. We offer comprehensive repairs and replacement of tires, rims and entire wheels. Our mechanics will effectively solve problems related to balancing wheels, renewing rims, and ordering new tires.

Repairs of drive systems

An experienced mechanic knows perfectly well that the drive system is one of the most precise systems in a car. It also contains elements that can be very expensive. It usually includes a gearbox, clutch, drive shafts, and additionally a drive shaft and a differential. At Agromex, we regularly carry out diagnostic work aimed at finding the cause of the failure. Our service allows you to quickly diagnose the fault and repair it effectively. Our many years of presence in the transport industry also allow us to deal with any possible damage, and our experienced team is able to find a final solution to the problem.

Periodic oil service

These are precisely defined activities that should be performed regularly and very precisely on the vehicle. Following the principle that prevention is better than cure, the Agromex service provides comprehensive oil services. The vehicle can be operated in any conditions, and we will standardly provide services such as: replacing engine oil, replacing the fuel filter element, or adjusting valve clearances.

Repairs of braking systems including regeneration of calipers

A functioning braking system is an absolute must for the vehicle to be roadworthy. Mechanics at Agromex service give priority to the safety of the cars and drivers entrusted to them. Therefore, our services include, among others: assessment and verification of the condition of brake lines, measurement of lining thickness (pads and shoes), disc thickness and brake drum diameter. We also check the correct operation of the brake cylinders.

Our specialization is the regeneration of brake calipers. A worn-out car can easily develop problems with the proper functioning of the braking system. Clamps are particularly vulnerable due to their location. They are susceptible to moisture, dirt and even road salt. To avoid blocking of the terminals, the Agromex service performs professional regeneration. First, we carefully clean the surface of the terminals and all nooks and crannies. Only after completely removing the rust do we repaint the entire caliper. We get rid of old and damaged gaskets, sealants and covers. We sandblast the cleaned caliper, which will make it look almost new

Remember to check the condition of your braking system regularly!

Suspension repairs

If you want your vehicle to drive smoothly, your ride to be comfortable, or, above all, you want to ensure your safety, at Agromex we also repair the suspension. We check and replace shock absorbers, springs, anti-roll bars and links, as well as pins and bearings. We comprehensively assemble individual suspension elements.

Wheel alignment

Adjusted wheels allow you to enjoy driving comfort, greater safety and even lower fuel consumption thanks to lower resistance. At Agromex, our mechanics effectively check wheel alignment, previously checking clearances, pins and steering rods. The manufacturer provides precise factory data (down to the millimeter) for each wheel setting, and we follow them during the service.

Parking heater repair (Webasto, Eberspächer)

Webasto is nothing else than parking heating. It is worth checking such heating much earlier than just before the winter season to avoid wasting time standing in huge queues or missing an available date. At our service, we appreciate drivers and want them to always have comfortable driving conditions. We eliminate faults of various causes, from leakage, through damage to the water pump, to electronic failure of controllers.

24/7 mobile service

We provide repair services for trucks and delivery vans using modern mobile equipment. We have the expertise and equipment to repair any vehicle. We are not limited by an on-site workshop, we can adapt to difficult conditions and provide repair services on the route or at the customer’s premises.

Truck wash

Delivery cars and trucks, as well as specialized vehicles, require meticulous care of their visual condition. When traveling thousands of kilometers, we don’t want our equipment to look bad. We invite you to our car wash, open from Monday to Saturday, whose comprehensive options allow us to wash literally any vehicle. We specialize in external washing of trucks.

Parking for trucks

When providing transport services, we could not use the huge area near our headquarters other than to construct a paved parking lot for TIR vehicles. It is located directly on the S8 route and is open 24/7.

The parking lot is fenced and monitored, and an additional guarantee of safety is provided by security guards over the square. Using the parking lot is comfortable at any time thanks to full lighting of the entire area. We have prepared additional amenities for drivers on long routes, such as showers and sanitary rooms.

Parking is only available after signing a usage agreement.