Transport & Forwarding

Road transport

Road transport

Road transport is the most popular transport solution, which is characterized by accessibility and flexibility thanks to its extensive infrastructure and road network. During transport, partial loading and unloading are possible, which further increases the efficiency of this mode of transport.

Our trucks with Mega curtainsider trailers (with a capacity of 100 cbm) transport goods for various industries, including: components for production, also in the just-in-time system, finished products (industrial and FMCG), as well as goods and materials for fairs and exhibitions. We also specialize in implementing large projects in a short period of time. We also offer a work service using stand-by trailers, i.e. left on the customer’s premises for the duration of loading.

Key areas:

  • just-in-time deliveries,
  • service of fairs and exhibitions,
  • offer of stand-by trailers,
  • milk-run transport,
  • handling large projects.

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport

A type of transport where more than one mode of transport is used to move cargo, but the load unit remains the same, so there is no reloading.

Intermodal road&rail transport is an environmentally friendly solution because 1 intermodal train equals approximately 40 trucks. Apart from the initial (first mile) and final (last mile) sections, transport on the main section is carried out by rail. According to our data, this method of transport allows for reducing CO2e emissions (according to the TTW method) by over 47% (road + rail combined, over long distances).

Agromex has a fleet of Mega curtainsider trailers (3.0 m internal height) huckepack type. These are semi-trailers adapted for transport by rail and Ro-Ro ship. They are characterized by a reinforced frame and have an air suspension that allows the semi-trailer to be lifted by a crane during loading onto a railway wagon.

Please contact us for more information about intermodal transportation options.

Hybrid transport model

Hybrid transport model

Due to the fact that our intermodal transport is based on truck semi-trailers, we have the flexibility to transport both road-rail and road-only transports. An experienced team of forwarders can analyze each case individually and decide what type of transport will be the most effective for a given case.

The hybrid transport model allows you to maintain full control over the flexibility of the services provided while significantly reducing the CO2 emission balance, so it is both effective and much more environmentally friendly than the standard model.

Please contact us for more information about the hybrid transport model.

International forwarding

In cooperation with many carriers, we carry out transport orders throughout Europe. Thanks to cooperation with external companies that have their own fleets, we additionally increase our flexibility and transport capabilities. This is especially important in the case of projects requiring the delivery of large numbers of vehicles in a short period of time, e.g. fairs or large production/sales orders “right now”.

Domestic forwarding

We cover domestic transports as well as cooperate with transport companies that specialize in domestic transport in Poland, Germany and the UK. Thanks to this, we are a trusted partner also in national supply chains, including both single transports and contract services.